The highest Rating Award for a Place is 5 Scottish FoodHearts [gold]


Elegantly innovative, the new Ratings Award system embraces all types of Scottish food businesses. The Scottish Food Awards 2017 Awards for Places dinner event in May 2017 saw 35 establishments presented with the very first Rating Award signs. We also presented the first 8 country of origin Scottish Tasted / Tested Product Ratings.

Based on research, our hallmark depth of knowledge, and visits including mystery visits, 1-5 Scottish Food Hearts™ are awarded at one of two levels based on our degree of confidence: blue (blue hearts & ribbon design) or gold (gold hearts & ribbon).

Ratings are all dated with the season of issue. When awarded in gold it signifies 'a high and settled degree of confidence based on our experience over time' of the key people involved. 

The design features a striking Key Word Description "quote" around the top - this is agreed with the business and is designed to help describe the establishment: in testing this proved to be a popular feature!

For new businesses and those not a Certified Member we may list a provisional rating online for indicative purposes: this version has a grey hearts & ribbon format; use of logo is not allowed by non-members.

Recommendation Rating alternative: please see section below.

Breakfast stars...
Scottish Breakfast Stars may be awarded at blue, gold or double-gold level to enable recognition of exceptional breakfast quality and service in the hospitality industry, particularly the B&B sector where breakfast may be the only F&B service provided to consumers.

A new App!
For the 2018 season we will be introducing the dynamic new SCOFA™ app. It'll feature all current ratings, listings and awards in a clear, clean design and will be available for Android and then iOS devices.

SCOFA app icon:
SCOFAapp logo: coming for season 2018
Scottish Food Awards scheme Rating Award plaques - Recommended & Highly Recommended, by type of business


Instead of the 1-5 Scottish Food Hearts™ format, many Places may better suit or prefer the Recommended / Highly Recommended (blue / gold ribbon) format. Not every Certified Member is appropriate for a 1-5 type rating and this alternative style shown here can work very well for business and consumer.

Sign of success...
Visually striking, these beautiful signs - which all carry the date of issue to underscore current relevance - are awarded according to our research, knowledge and visits including mystery visits. The Highly Recommended level's gold ribbon signifies 'a high and settled degree of confidence based on our experience over time' of the key people involved. Additionally, the design features a Category Description around the lower curve, which helps quickly identify the type of establishment.
Rating Sign with 3 Scottish Food Hearts and
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