The joy of winning: 63 Tay Street presented with The Scottish Restaurant of the Year 2017 Silver Quaich
That winning feeling!
Perth's 63 Tay Street being presented with The Scottish Restaurant of the Year 2017 Silver Quaich
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To get the most out of The Scottish Food Awards™ simply snap up your colour-coded Certified Membership package online to activate year-round advantages. The button above links to the secure online shop and details each of the six options. Please discuss with us first which is the right one - thanks!
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All the advantages!
Certified Membership 2018 - All the advantages

You'll be in the exciting Rating Award scheme and, after a research visit speedily arranged to suit, receive a 2018 Rating Sign plus customised graphics for social media / web / print. You can choose to be presented with your rating formally onstage at one of the events or presentations.

Non-members are not eligible for a rating.

Enjoy guaranteed participation in the Awards for Places and People processes, including the Chef awards, with 2018 Entrant and/or Finalist logos provided. If you win at either of the Annual Awards events, you will presented onstage and receive a customised 2018 Winner's Sign.

Non-members who win can receive a certificate but cannot use logos.

Have a fully dynamic listing in our new and sleek SCOFA app when it's launched for the 2018 season.

Non-members may have a basic / provisional listing / rating; no review or active link.

Be fully licenced to use The Scottish Food Awards’ © Certified Member Logo online and in print. If you are an Entrant, Finalist or Winner or hold a Rating Award you may of course also use these graphics freely; we will provide you with artwork.

Non-members may not use any version of the strictly © SCOFA logo.

At events, Certified Members will always enjoy priority for standard or VIP tickets and the best tables.

We'll promote your win and / or rating – and your news, year round (just drop us an update / release anytime) – on our vibrant Facebook and Twitter.

Non-members do not have this option.

For a supplement, purely at cost to cover Facebook boosted post fee, we can offer your business PowerReviews™.

Non-members do not have this option.

We’ll be there for Certified Members all year: for advice, opinion, encouragement and PR support wherever possible...

... and you’ll be part of something bigger, genuine, innovative and encouraging for the true good food industry in Scotland!
There are 6 colour-themed Certified Membership options covering all business sizes
Six colour-keyed options:
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To join or not?
We include food businesses on merit. As a non-member you may make it to the nomination phase via the annual process. All nominees must accept the nomination and categories to progress, and we may need to arrange a further research visit / interview. You’re welcome to attend awards events which does mean buying a ticket, but we'll always offer a cheaper presentation-only ticket option. If you attend the event and do win an award we will present you with a certificate. You’re most welcome to use the award title without activation. Use of the © logo of The Scottish Food Awards including the Nominee and Winner versions is strictly only for Certified Members. *Use by non-members will incur a copyright fee.

How much?
It depends how big your business is, essentially. In some cases for smaller firms we can offer a phased payment option. Please drop us a note first so we can agree the best option for you.

Pink £99
Blue £149
Green £199
Black £299
Scarlet £399
Gold £499

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Rating Award logo example - exclusive to Certified Members
SCOFA app icon: coming for season 2018
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